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We offer a free complete comprehensive construction consultation to discuss the project in great detail. We’ll walk you through the process and review any and all questions that you may have. After the initial meeting, you will be given a fully itemized proposal with all the components of the project, which you as the homeowner, should and need to know about the project. From pre-construction meetings to discuss things from permit requirements to design and details of the finished project – Communication is Key!

We pride ourselves on an open, honest, and transparent process. We utilize a ‘budget system’ that allows homeowners to see directly what Inside Out Construction is charging them for materials such as Vanities, Tubs, Toilets & Tile! Our budget system also empowers the customer to see how and where to spend their budget on the ‘important and impactful’ things that will truly change the look and feel of their current basement or bathroom space. We have meetings with you to review all the ‘budgeted items’ and how they fit together or impact one another. If you’re worried about putting everything together and how it will look – don’t be – we’ve done this a thousand times! We’re here to guide you throughout the design phase right into the construction phase!