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Basement Remodeling

As families grow the decision to move or stay in place is a real consideration. If you have school age children, they don’t want to leave in mid school year or leave their friends. Alternatively, you may just want added space for grown-ups or a playroom or game room for the kids. Maybe that media room or office space you’ve always dreamt of having. Whatever the reason, basement remodeling could be the ideal solution.


Additional Living Space or Rental Income: Generally, the basement area of your home is a large area that when remodeled properly adds additional living space to the home. Basements that have separate entrances can also be remodeled as a rental unit for additional income.

Resale Value: From a return on investment, it is often much cheaper to remodel your basement than it is to add an addition to your home. The added space is certainly a fantastic selling point when you do decide to sell your home. Not to mention the space is already finished and is not something the new owners will have to take on. In some instance, it can also be classified as additional finished square footage.

The Space Already Exits: No delay in pouring foundations or building new walls. The design can be clearly defined by the available space. Plumbing and central heating system runs are already in place. Because the space is in the basement, separate from the remainder of the house, it isn’t necessarily required to follow a design theme to match the rest of your home. In fact, the design for this area could take on any theme imaginable.

Comfort & Environmental Factors: Easy to cool which saves on energy bills. Plus, with the properly installed insulation, drywall, etc. basement remodeling can eliminate very common issues that exist in damp and moldy basement areas such as mold. This single key benefit can effectively reduce the chances of growth and spread of mold. A real health problem that is often overlooked as a benefit.

If you’re ready to start your basement remodeling project and would like a FREE consult and itemized, then estimate enlist the services of a basement remodeling professional for ideas and the necessary advice to get started. We do our very best to make the process easy. Our office number is 540-898-8060.
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